Design and Construction of Workplaces

Many companies today want an office that reflects who they are, how they work, and their vision for the world. They recognize the fact that well-designed workplaces provide value to the organization and that maximizing the potential of the workplace supports their greatest asset - their employees. Workplace design has to start with people; people that work together, that communicate and create. However, designing the right workplace is quite a challenge.

The evolution in the Design of Workplaces

Traditional offices, as we knew them, have been replaced by open offices. The open office promised more creativity, better ideas through collaboration, and more employee satisfaction than the traditional offices of the past. The idea is that more visibility, fewer closed doors, and less spatial hierarchy would breed all of these things. But the open design does not work for everyone. Employees get distracted by noisy phone calls or constant interruptions and productivity suffers. For many, it’s the noise that disturbs the most. Because of this, we see a shift to a wider variety of space types, such as 'closed' offices, open workspaces, huddle rooms with flexible furniture, phone boots, and informal lounge spaces. Workplaces, as we know them, are also undergoing rapid change as the line between physical and digital space blurs. Employees can work from anywhere, at any time because of the advances in mobile and cloud technology; sophisticated technology that will enable collaboration, conferencing and networking.

The right balance in the Design and Construction of Workplaces

Workplaces need to support the activities and interactions that employees will undertake to be productive. They need a rich array of workplaces to choose from for whatever task they are going to perform. Some require high levels of concentration, others more collaboration. For jobs that require focus and concentration - like writing, graphic designing, finances and computer programming - quiet rooms and closed spaces are a solution. For jobs that require collaboration - like sharing expertise - meeting rooms are a solution. Finding the right balance between the variety, number, and size of workplaces is essential to maximize the potential of the office.
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