Facility Maintenance of Retail Shops

While e-commerce and online channels seem to grow in importance 90% of all retail sales are still transacted in physical retail shops. Customers prefer physical shops because of the sensory experience that allows them to touch and feel products, immerse in brand experiences, and engage with sales associates who provide fresh and sound advice. So retailers need to focus on delivering a superior in-shop experience. Successful retailers should, therefore, emphasize the maintenance of their physical retail shops.

Maintenance of Retail Shops directly influences the in-shop experience

Physical shop appearance and customer service go hand in hand, not only to attract consumers to the shop but to keep them there to enjoy the shopping experience. The longer consumers are in-store, the more opportunity sales associates have to interact and convert people from browsers to buyers. The better the experience at a retail shop, the more inspired a shopper might also be to make repeat visits. The in-shop customer experience starts with keeping the retail facilities in top shape regarding lighting, temperature and properly functioning equipment.

Maintenance of Retail Shops is about planning and optimizing

A consistent maintenance program, in terms of quality, efficiency, cost, and reliability, needs to be planned and optimized to ensure that:

  • shop operations stay up and running;
  • solutions are sustainable to save on long-term maintenance and energy costs;
  • space usage maximizes displays;
  • lighting enhances merchandise presentation;
  • air conditioning/heating systems always create a stable shop climate.

Communication is the critical factor in handling Maintenance Requests

All though consistent maintenance programs can prevent disruption to shop operations to an extent; issues can always arise in a location. Lights can burn out, faucets can leak, and air conditioning or heating systems can break down. Some of these issues need to addressed as soon as possible, including after-hours. Others may be delayed until the next day, depending on the effect they have on the customer’s shop experience. The service provider and the local shop management need to communicate in a quick and precise way to handle service requests efficiently and promptly.
At Dutch Facility Support we deliver comprehensive all-in retail maintenance services within a defined range. Our experienced and skilled technicians ensure that your shop stays up and running without any problems through regular service appointments, routine maintenance, and repair of unexpected issues. Get in touch and discuss what we can do for you!