Facility Maintenance of Office Buildings

Office buildings are strategic assets for businesses. The condition and usability of these assets have a direct influence on the engagement and productivity of the workforce. They also have an impact on business guests and clients. Efficient facility maintenance of office buildings is therefore essential. Not only must be provided in a healthy, safe, secure and representative working environment, but the management of energy demand, sustainability, and environmental stewardship must also be addressed.

Office Building Maintenance

Office building maintenance can be subdivided into planned and unplanned maintenance of systems and equipment like lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lift or escalator, mechanical and electrical installations, sanitary and plumbing systems, access, signage, and other.
Planned maintenance consists of predetermined and scheduled tasks and actions. They are well organized and performed before installations break down. The maintenance actions either reduce or prevent damage to components or items.
Unplanned maintenance is carried out after failure or damage has occurred. The unplanned maintenance actions should be minimized to achieve an optimum maintenance expenditure situation.

Planned Maintenance of Office Buildings

Planning of maintenance intervals is of critical significance to expenditure. A delay or absence of maintenance work at the right time may cause further damage or defects to installations and its components. Setting maintenance activities at fixed time intervals is meant to reduce the probability of failures and breakdowns. Although frequent maintenance can enhance the quality of a system, it will also boost maintenance costs. So an optimum maintenance interval must be defined, and it must be based on the priority of services, health, and safety. Proper downtime planning is also necessary to retain and improve the maintenance performance and to avoid unnecessary costs. The objective is, therefore, to achieve minimum failure and maintenance downtimes in building maintenance.

Facility Maintenance Performance

The quality of spare parts and materials, and the quality of work provided by the maintenance technicians directly influence the maintenance performance outcome. Technicians should not only be capable of replacing and overhauling system components, but they must also be capable of identifying the need for scheduled maintenance. Accurate spare parts identification is part of their job too.
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