Dutch Facility Support is a service provider that can handle design, construction, and maintenance of retail shops and offices with their team of expert employees and subcontractors. Partnering with us will ensure a consistent, quality experience because our service will always be cared for with the same standard of excellence, under one contract with a single point of contact.
Dutch Facility Support believes in the importance of playing an active role in recognizing opportunities and creating value for their customers.

Facility Support is about the Layout and Appearance of Physical Locations

The layout and appearance of the physical retail shop have a direct influence on the shopping experience of customers. Similarly, the office and workplace layout and presentation have an impact on the productivity of the employees and affect visiting customers. The design of a physical location is vital in creating the right layout and appearance of a physical location. Moreover, the design largely determines the maintainability. And maintenance specifies the form in which the shop or workplace stays with the times. Therefore, Dutch Facility Support offers a range of services that can be divided into four main areas: